A little throwback at the Global AI Bootcamp

The Global AI Community empowers developers & enthusiasts who are passionate about AI to share knowledge through events and meetups. Last week a global event was hosted across 133 locations. As Heroes we were present at the Dutch event which took place in DeFabrique in Utrecht.

More than 100 people joined the event which offers a perfect balance between quality content, awesome lectures, getting your hands dirty and learn & share with other community members.

Heroes hosted two workshops about facial features recognition. During these workshops we have built a web application together that can detect the face of any given person and its characteristics. This application can be used in many different modern applications for various domains: security, interactive multimedia systems, smart homes, and other application areas. 

Next to the workshops we hosted, our hero Jantine Berkelaar presented on stage a practical example on how to fight counterfeits with AI.

Looking back at the event it makes us proud, as one of the initiators of the Global AI Bootcamp, to see how well it has been perceived globally. We make it our mission to connect AI communities across the world to share ideas and content with each other.

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