Computer vision: Intelligent packing solution for warehouses

It is obvious that computer vision is critical to providing many advanced features for today’s industry and warehouses. But what can it bring to your production cycle in particular?

The online sales of your company are going well and you notice that in the distribution center. Your logistics organization is still in control of the growing volumes, but you cannot escape the deployment of extra personnel during peak periods. Because the knowledge and experience of the new employees are usually lacking, you will see the lead times increase during these periods and ratings on online platforms (Amazon, eBay) will, therefore, be under pressure.

Analysis of warehouse data and KPIs show that lead times often increase when flexible staff is deployed in the more complex process steps such as packaging/bundling and Value Added Service (VAS). Since extra employees are virtually unavoidable during peak periods, you will look for other solutions.

Prototype: Intelligent Packing

Together with McCoy & Partners, Heroes has developed a smart package bundling solution. By using computer vision technology for visualization and image recognition, this Intelligent Packing solution guides the employee from start to finish through the bundling process.

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