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Increasing the speed of innovation through the use of a flexible Azure architecture for IoT data processing and app development

As a technical service provider, Unica Group is in the middle of a complex technical landscape where electrical-, mechanical- and IT-systems are all coming together. Especially in the field of IT innovation a lot is happening, and at a very high pace. Upcoming technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) will potentially create a big impact within the technical installation industry. To explore and enable the potential of these new types of technologies, the Unica Group founded Unica Innovation Center.

As they were already extensively using proven Microsoft software products, Unica Group and Unica Innovation Center decided to use Microsoft Azure as their platform of choice to develop their new initiatives around IoT and AI. As a result, Unica Innovation Center was looking for an experienced Azure development partner that could help them further develop their initiatives into successes. 

Building a flexible Solution

In the past three years we have been working with several clients to make their IoT & AI initiatives successful. As a Microsoft gold partner, we do this by deploying the use of the Microsoft Azure Technology Stack in combination with open-source software. Unica Innovation Center has asked us to think along in creating an IoT cloud architecture that is both flexible and scalable in connecting and processing different kinds of data sources. 

To ensure flexibility and agility, we have agreed with Unica Innovation Center to collaborate on the platform development in an agile way. This resulted in a scalable architecture that offers a lot of flexibilities for processing IoT related data. To do so, the platform makes use of Azure native components such as IoT Hub, Azure Functions and Blob Storage, in combination with open source technologies such as Swagger, TensorFlow, PostgreSQL and ReactJS.

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