How you create a market ready IoT product in only 4 weeks

In this blog we like to share with you the story behind the development process of the web application Building Insight | Air, running on the Building Insight Platform of Unica, using Microsoft Azure Cloud technology.

As a technical service provider in the built environment, creating and maintaining healthy and comfortable indoor environments for their clients was at the core of Unica’s business activities for the past decades. But due to technological developments on sensors and connectivity, having a broad insight on the actual indoor comfort levels became only recently -economically - feasible.

In the beginning of 2020 Unica Innovation Center (UIC) and Heroes started experimenting with an in-house developed web app that provides insights on indoor comfort parameters to building users. It also provided, the possibility to users, to give a score on how they experience each comfort parameter. This feedback loop provides data, that together with the sensor data, is used to continuously optimise indoor comfort conditions.



And then the pandemic happened…

During the pandemic, researchers came to the conclusion that the chance of transmission via aerosols increased when indoor environments are not ventilated properly. As a result, customers of Unica where asking for a solution to obtain insights on the air quality of their offices, class rooms etc.

To serve customer demand, UIC decided to act fast and start building a product that could help customers in these strange times. Although some functionalities of the Comfort Feedback App could be useful, the installation of the hardware was considered as a significant problem to serve customers in a fast and easy manner. In addition, we also concluded that the web application could be more specific towards the problem we where facing.

Discover the entire story behind the development process of the web application, called, Building Insight | Air, here


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