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What do you do to stay on top of your competitors, discover new solutions on the market, and monitor market developments? Some organisations delegate this research to interns, while others use social media dashboards to keep up with trends. All very time-consuming methods. And how do you determine what data is relevant and what is not? Hooray for the applications made possible by artificial intelligence (AI). With the Heroes Competitor Monitor you are now able to scrape the internet, explore important market developments and react quickly to maintain your competitive position.

Manually searching online? A waste of time

In a highly competitive market, one of our customers was having trouble finding readily available information about their competitors and potential customers. They searched through a large number of online resources, generating an extensive amount of information in a variety of languages. This manual research was done about once a month, with the result that a lot of the information gathered was already outdated. Their dilemma: how to gain a better understanding of the market and target potential new leads in a reasonable amount of time with minimal effort?

The Heroes Competitor Monitor

To keep track of the magical triangle of competitors, potential customers, and new products we developed a new intelligent tool called the Competitor Monitor. This tool is not only able to gather market data from the internet on a daily basis, but it can also predict and sort the data from most to least relevant. The underlying AI model scrapes social, search, and news sources in the language you specify and arranges the results in a helpful dashboard. The AI model is trained, based on user interactions, to produce results that are more tailored to the user's needs.

Find relevant market information and target new leads

The Heroes Competitor Monitor serves as a research assistant, allowing you to gather detailed information on leads, competitors, and the market. It allows you to avoid doing repetitive tasks by delegating them to AI rather than your team. You will save a lot of time by not having to manually go over this information. For example, the Competitor Monitor scraped 16,000 websites for our customer and presented them with 1,000 that are relevant to them. It is impossible to do this manually within one day.

Furthermore, our customer saw a 39% increase in the number of relevant market data found, as well as a 33% increase in the number of unique market data. Besides that, rather than retrieving competitive data once a month, they can now gather market information and target potential leads on a daily basis with minimal effort. By doing so, they reduced the risk of missing critical information and are able to take appropriate action in a timely manner.

Knowledge is power

The possibilities with the Competitor Monitor are endless. It offers you a lot more potential, also for finding other types of information, such as customer data or new product launches. Are you interested in learning more about the Heroes Competitor Monitor? 

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