Your data journey: how to accelerate innovation?

When it comes to innovation, leading companies throughout the world are openly communicating about it. Variables differ, but they all have an innovative culture, as well as agility and speed in common. The last two, in particular, are critical for any organization's ability to innovate. But where do you begin?

We are fortunate to have new technologies, such as the cloud, that encourage innovation. In this article, we will look at how Microsoft Azure may help your organization innovate by using technologies, data, AI algorithms and machine learning.

Challenges in starting your data journey

Data has become a critical component of the decision-making process. But how can an organization become more data-driven, enabling it to be more agile and innovative? There is no way around the cloud as the foundation for a secure and governed data platform. We often see that businesses are frequently faced with a dilemma: whether to move fast or remain secure. The ability to do both is provided by establishing a cloud foundation.

Despite the fact that analytics and AI are the most important investments for company leaders, they face these challenges in becoming more data-driven:

  • How to get the best return on investment;
  • Cultural difficulties;
  • How to become experienced data users;
  • And how to get rid of data silos.

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