Information is Key

#Data Analytics

Ward Eerland

I am Ward Eerland and live in ‘s-Hertogenbosch. I am very passionate about turning data into information and information into knowledge. Over time I developed myself as an all-around Business Intelligence Specialist who is focused on getting the job done.

I believe that knowledge means power and that is what enables customers to keep a competitive edge. With the rapidly changing world and ever-growing data sources, there is more and more data available which can be turned into knowledge. The Cloud enables us to process vast amounts of data and create new insights, new insights means new possibilities. I truly believe that the possibilities are endless.

What motivates me most is being challenged. Challenged to develop myself, to face problems I haven’t faced before and find the best possible solution and foremost, work with the latest technologies. Becoming a Hero fully enables me to achieve that.

Being a Hero means you must challenge yourself to work hard, to go further where others stop and to keep up with all the latest developments. But it also means that you get the chance to work in a very inspiring working environment, work with the best experts to build fantastic solutions but most of all, to fully expand and utilize your capabilities.


Azure, Architecture, Data Storage, Data Analytics, SQL, NoSQL, JSON, Scrum, PowerShell