Future-proof Microsoft Azure environment for IKNL

#Cloud Architecture


“The current IT landscape dates back to a merger, eight years ago”, says Ed de Vries, Head of ICT at IKNL. “The principles established back then, now hinder us in our daily work and with this landscape we are not prepared for the future. Furthermore, our core application has a suboptimal performance.” 


“Innovation is in the DNA of IKNL. Therefore, we found a future-proof IT landscape that complies with the high safety standards as we are NEN 7510 and ISO/IEC27001 certified. That's why we started our Future IT program”, Ed continues. “In this program, we will address the entire scope of our IT landscape from people and technology to process and governance by using the solid foundation of Microsoft, the Cloud Adoption Framework.” 

The Netherlands Comprehensive Cancer Organisation (IKNL) is a non-profit research organisation dedicated toreducing the impact of cancer. They accomplish this by collecting, enriching, and distributing large amounts of data. IKNL links the insights and advice that result from this data, back to healthcare organisations. With its own Future IT program, they are striving to handle all data they process in an even more careful, structured, and efficient manner. The use of Microsoft's Cloud Adoption Framework is key in achieving these standards for IKNL's new cloud environment.

Future plans

“With Azure configured in accordance with the Cloud Adoption Framework, we have a solid foundation for the next step in our cloud strategy", Ed concludes.

"So, there is still plenty to do within our Future IT program!"

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