vidaXL optimises inventorycycle counts

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vidaXL is an international online retailer headquartered in Venlo, the Netherlands. To determine what is in stock, manual cycle counts are performed on a regular basis. In order to do that, vidaXL needs to check all of the inventory locations in the warehouse one by one.

However, while carrying out the labor-intensive cycle count, many changes will take place making the count already out of date.


To help vidaXL with their cycle counts we developed the inventory viewer. This is a mobile installation with several industrial cameras attached to it that can detect pallets and their locations as it rides alongside 5 levels of pallet racks.

The video stream is processed into data about which pallet is detected and where it 
is in the warehouse. The results are then compared to the information in the ERP inventory system, and any inconsistencies are presented directly in a user-friendly dashboard.

vidaXL is an international online retailer headquartered in Venlo, the Netherlands. They offer a wide range of products in varying categories such as home, garden, furniture and sports items. To support the growth of its online platforms, vidaXL has huge warehouses that are still expanding. Keeping track of hundreds of thousands of products is a huge challenge.

Mistakes occur, such as mislabelling boxes or placing pallets in the wrong location. So, vidaXL was looking for more efficient and time-saving methods to ensure that their actual inventory matches the ERP inventory system and the webshop.

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