The brightest people come up with the most elegant ideas.

It’s easy to build something complex. It’s pretty hard to create the same thing elegantly simple. That is why you need the smartest people you can get.

We think digital

Heroes is a company for extraordinary talent. A company that does amazing things that makes the Digital future for our clients happen. With a unique approach and attitude. Symbolised by the O in our logo.

We inspire and guide our clients through a dense forest of digital opportunities. We design and build innovative solutions that have the power to transform your business. So that you stay competitive and can continue to grow. Digital Strategy execution that makes you more agile and flexible. Advanced Analytics that gives you insight what happens now or in the nearby future by recognising specific patterns in your data. Modern user-interfaces for the web or mobile devices that are built in weeks vs months and years.

These things make us different

We at Heroes like to do things different and believe that success is an outcome of extraordinary talent, hard work and fun.

1. Think digital

We believe you should not add Digital. You have to become Digital.  To become a company that is more responsive, open and efficient you have to change how you think, how you behave, what you value and what drives your decisions. 

2. Strategy and development

There are companies that identify your business problems. There are IT companies that help solve them. Not so many do both. We Coach companies to become Digital winners. We Scout and Build smart digital solutions.

3. We can’t do everything

We don’t do everything ourselves. We’re honest and do what we are good at. We work with an exclusive eco-system of business partners who share our mindset and approach. We call them Friends of Heroes.

4. Guaranteed result

In all our assignments we guarantee 100% success. Measured in Business KPI’s. For all our Heroes and our clients this translates into a proactive, result driven attitude to get things done.

5. We love green

Our favourite colour is green. We care for the world. The Management drives electric cars powered by energy from wind and solar. Our staff is encouraged to drive green as well. 10% higher lease fee to drive electric, 10% lower for gas guzzlers.

6. Performance bonus

Why wait for your annual bonus? At Heroes you get your performance bonus every month. On top of your regular salary. Oh, and, we do the same with your holiday pay. You are in control of your finances.

7. The best tools

Why settle for less? We provide our Heroes with the best tools to perform their craft. High-end laptops combined with always up-to-date Office 365 enable us to our work together, secure and efficient. 

8. Garage day for development

You are a hero. Heroes is you. That's why we have recently decided to turn every Friday into our Garage Day. Share experiences and work as one team for our clients. 

9. Freedom of speech

At Heroes we create our own destiny. Together. Everyone has a say in how we can improve our projects, streamline our operations and make clients happier. You are encouraged to share your ideas internally and online.

10. Follow your dreams

We believe in lifetime employability, invest in our knowledge and in our people. You are a Hero because you want to. We have no non-compete clauses in our contracts that prevent you to follow your dreams.